What is Scaleup Mission

We are a business management consultancy that focuses on designing sustainable strategies and implementing them operationally to achieve the potential growth of a business. To make this real, we take every business through a combination of 3 different tools such as business consulting, executive coaching, and corporate training.

We consult on six areas of a business covering people, processes, product/service, marketing, sales, and finance. As part of strategy implementation, we equip the management through executive coaching and upskill employees through corporate training. We believe, adding the right amount of these three tools into your business will shoot the growth hacking speed and create sustainable and organic growth.

Scaleup Mission upscale businesses through strategic deep diving, process re-engineering, and system-based operational uplifting. We believe in result-focused execution rather than idea-focused dreaming.

We can divide businesses into two categories, first is struggling with a 'stuck phase' at operational executions of all strategies. We help them by re-designing better strategies and re-engineering their processes and systems to be mission-ready and then scale up by stitching each operational aspect carefully. The second category is those already running at a fair level but who wish to grow, polish, expand and want to go to the next level by transforming into the maximum potential of their business. We help them to forecast their vision by looking at people, process and building capacities, recreating strategies, and then scaling up.

Our Values

Build together

Being a business consultancy, we don't want to commit to any business that will create magical growth by sitting outside of your business. We ensure that your management level team is equipped to execute the designed strategies by believing the ‘build together’ concept.


Being a business consulting company, we believe delivering the strategy report/presentation to a company is just like delivering half-cooked food. The game-changer is the operational execution of those strategies and that is why we are very keen on implementing them along with the management. Yes, we are ‘ result-focused ’.


From the findings of in-depth research done by our team, we were shocked to know that 87.5% of businesses here today are not data-driven. Hence, one of our core values and focus is on creating data pipelines in the businesses we associate with. So that nothing is a ‘feeling’ based decision but it will become a ‘ data-driven ’ strategy.

The Master Duo

"We envision to create a sustainable business in spite of all evolving economic conditions" It was the strategic pathway where these two strategists met for the first time during their strategic management course at IIM, Kashipur. The future mapped in their mind was turned similar whilst they shared with each other, then there the fast-growing management consultancy ‘Scaleup Mission' was born even in the midst of a critical pandemic situation and still strives through.

DHANEESH K P (Chief Executive Officer)

The strategy master-designer exhibited his great entrepreneurship at a very young age.

The unquenchable thirst made him pursue challenging and innovative strategic ways. He is very sensitive about the operational aspect as he knows that implementing strategies is the success behind a business neither the planning.

Exercising the customized approach at the operational level is his specialty. Devoted to re-engineering the vision & strategy, he is the master in Business processes and Product / Service areas of a business, and his cunning approach and convincing ability make him a sales expert too.