Business Consulting

Scaleup Mission offers top-of-the-line business consulting services to businesses in order to identify, define, develop and implement strategies that push companies towards growth. Our consultants owing to their in-depth prowess in the domain, always vision the long-term approach. To offer the appropriate and precise plans for your business our deft experts make sure to get a grip on your company’s visions, objectives, and current operation process during our gap analysis step.

After comprehensively scrutinizing the existing system, including external market outlooks and internal product/service delivery processes, Our consultants plan out a process flowchart for enhancing the system so that it performs to its full potential. From the gap analysis stage, we bring our significant expertise to the fore while devising bespoke business consulting services for you.

In a rapidly changing environment where change is the only constant, Scaleup Mission’s consulting practice works with clients across all industries to increase their profitability and accelerate revenue growth. Ranked among the top business consulting firms in Kerala, we help bring in the right mix of domain expertise and skills in management consulting, business analytics, and digital technologies – to drive transformation for our customers.

We are unique!

We stand out in the industry is because we never stop by designing strategies. We believe, executing each of those strategies only helps an organization to experience growth.

Human-Centric Design

We design strategies based on hybrid human-centric business models. Most complicated, but best resource on earth are humans and we consider that as an integral fuel for business growth. From recruitment till their performance management is been designed.

Business Processes

Designed processes will reduce the effects of attrition and create and steady growth in the journey. Starting from operational standard procedures to automated software solutions will be an integral part of business process designing and its execution


Based on the industry you are in, you are required to set quality control systems. Each stage of it requires expert insight and eventually you want to expand your product/service vertically and horizontally. For this, you need to know the future market from our experts.

Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t matter how well you crafted everything else in your business, it is all about letting people know that you offer this product/service through the best-stitched story. From the brand identity inception to its full-fledged marketing campaigns for lead generation is been designed by our experts.

Sales Strategy

You might have so many leads from the marketing campaigns, but if you don’t have a lead management system in place, everything will become a waste. Your designed sales funnel will help the marketing team to give you the right set of leads so that that conversion ratio is high.

Finance Analysis

Finance being the backbone of any business, you need a detailed analysis beyond your daily balance sheets and monthly P&L. Understanding all types of trends will equip you to design and alter your operational strategies and forecasting.

How are you going to change?

  • Prompt and accurate response to the stringent challenges by collecting a broader insight into your business.
  • A meticulous and reproducible approach that consistently delivers high returns on investment
  • Accelerated levels of performance through investment in technologies and infrastructure aligned with long terms objectives
  • Disruptive innovation and transformation owing to the client-focused design, swift prototyping, and customer journey analysis.
  • A bolstered brand reputation owing to the empathetic and human-centric communication

Industries we focus on

Manufacturing Industry

Food industry

Agriculture Industry

Healthcare Industry

Hospitality Industry

Educational Industry

Automobile industry

Wholesale, Retail, and E-commerce

Why us?

Better value creation for your brand

Flexible execution capacity

Easy adaptation of latest technology

Development of revenue streams

Wow customer experience

Trimmed risks and higher deftness during the execution process

Actionable business insights

Tailor-made solutions reaching across industries

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